Tribes group has an excellent network and is one of the leading outdoor advertising agency in the country. The four key pillars that have driven our success for a value-added OOH experience for our client’s brands are: Innovation, Reach, Scale and Measurability.

OOH industry in India has undergone a vast change over the past two decades but our company serves to provide the best out of home solutions that cater to your brand across pan India. And now its new means of OOH media at various catchments like malls, public places and public utility spaces.


Tribes has not only been mindful of the changes but has also stayed ahead of the curve to undertake some high-impact and disruptive (out-of-the-box?) outdoor innovations for its clients and prove to be a strong contender when it comes to providing outdoor media advertising solution

Measuring OOH

Often, OOH is considered to be mass media with limited or no measurability. Tribes has used technology, bid data and analytics to its advantage to help research, plan and measure outdoor campaigns better. Most of our campaigns are planned on the basis of To Measurability Index of sites evaluated on 8 key parameters such as size, angle, eccentricity, height, illumination, clutter, obstructions and visible distance. A unique score for each site is generated basis the weighted score derived from each parameter. Our planners further layer the MI data with Target Group Index(TGI) data, Adex data coupled with industry reports to build a comprehensive outdoor media plan. Post deployment, we use real-time monitoring tools to help our client get a micro as well as macro view about their campaign’s visibility.