The world of retail is getting reinvented in India, especially with most foreign brands vying to mark their presence in the country. Operating in Indian retail channels is complex, given that retail is a fast-growing behemoth with a growth rate that is poised to explode exponentially. To leverage the opportunities it presents, we believe that it is critical to look beyond the quintessential shopper; to capture the mind space of the right influencer.

The key services that we offer include:

  • Store Design
  • Store Execution
  • Shop in Shop
  • Retail Branding
  • Influencer research led Retail Solutions

India is a nation under transition, the scope of marketing is expanding at every step and we aspire to join in by serving as a recognized rural media marketing agency that helps brand expand their reach. There is a massive shift of consumer base from “strugglers” to the “aspirers” with a need for customized rural marketing solutions. Max helps create brand marketing solutions for rural hinterland to urban ghettos thereby catering to the emerging class consumers.